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This site has several purposes. Firstly, it is to promote my services to local people who have need of them. Secondly, it is to provide assistance to any, by collecting any How-to's that I write. Lastly, it will list links to useful pages, both to assist you, to slightly raise their Google rankings, and to help me remember and locate them!

Who Am I?

My name is Robert Backhaus. I am a freelance Computer Technician serving the area around the town of Innisfail in Far North Queensland, Australia. I provide hardware and software instalation, one-on-one training in most applications, computer bookkeeping and data entry, Database Application development, and much more.

All computer problems can be handled. I use and maintain Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, Outlook and the rest of Microsoft Office. All Windows versons, from 3.11 onwards to Windows 98, ME and XP, are also handled. Spyware and Antivirus problems and solutions are a specialty. Yes, whether it doesn't work or you cannot work it, all your computer problems are handled.

Personally, I use and reccomend the many Open Source solutions. These products are growing fast, and are rapidly becoming complete solutions for users. The range of packages that are being developed is enormous. Some of them that I can personaly reccomend are listed on the links page.